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A Precious Gift

We are gathered in the spacious great room of a home, and the mountains are right there through the large windows, peeking in and out as the clouds lift after a night and morning of heavy rain. It is a somber gathering; the sadness another guest in the room, milling around the standing bodies. This […]

A Week in the Heart of a Life-Cycle Celebrant

When I started this blog I was worried about my audience, and thought I needed to appeal to my “ideal client” and all of that. Since my business includes weddings and funerals, and any rite of passage in between, that covers a lot of ideal people. I’ve been a little self-conscious. You know, you post […]

What does a Custom Wedding Ceremony Look Like?

It’s not always easy to explain what a personalized or custom ceremony looks like, because each one is unique to the setting, the needs and intentions of the couple. When I work with a couple to create a custom ceremony, I take the time to get to know them, and they take the time to consider […]

The Ceremony of Years

I believe it’s a sin to try and make things last forever Everything that exists in time runs out of time some day Got to let go of the things that keep you tethered Take your place with grace and then be on your way Bruce Cockburn Over the years, I have taken part in […]

The Wedding Expert

I’m brand new at my job. In a middle age kind of way, with a lot of water under my bridge, all the diverging and improbable paths having led me to this place of being a Marriage Officiant and Funeral Celebrant. I arrive at this crossroad somewhat patched together, surprisingly coordinated, and unexpectedly, down-to-the shoes […]

The Unplugged Wedding

A few weeks ago, I worked with a couple who wanted an “unplugged wedding”. They had heard of the trend, in which the couple ask guests to not only turn off cell phones, but to put away cameras and phones completely for the ceremony. The idea is a return to “sacred space”, an opportunity for […]