Thank you so much for agreeing to take on the task of being the celebrant at Corrie’s funeral. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to lift our spirits. You did an incredible and thorough job, Corrie would have loved it. Thank you for being able to pass on her message so clearly. We are so thankful for your vibrant, positive and happy presence in our lives.

The Boekel Family

Not only were you the rock and key figure, helping us beyond what words can describe, going through the ordeal of burying a best friend who lost his life in a very untimely accident; your obvious empathy and compassion meant the world to all of us in the darkest times possible in a human life.

But also your experience in the matter, and your professionalism allowed our whole group to give our departed buddy a wonderful, touching and genuine farewell.
You helped us focus, and guided us with the right frame of mind, to build a very nice ceremony, to which the ones who participated were just able to each add their personal touch and testimonies.

Without you the funeral would not have been half as nice as we wanted it to be.
As well, I personally really appreciated the non-religious but spiritual metaphors (lighting of the candles etc…) and analogies that filled this special time, in a spirit that I know Arnaud would have appreciated. His family sure was amazed despite the pain.

Thanks again, I know you are the best advisor anyone could hope for.


You have no idea how much peace you have given us last night, just to know that it’s going to go as we had envisioned it. You will be guided I have no doubt. But there is something in your eyes in your actions in your words what gives ease , to look at and to listen to.


Thank you so much for the beautiful service you orchestrated for Esha. I know Esha loved the ceremony and Liam and I certainly did.


Thanks for the wonderful service. Everyone said it was nice, not religious, just about who Pauline was.

Barbara June came to our rescue at a very difficult time in our lives. She helped us make sense of our feelings and ground us enough to focus on what needed to be done in order to honour our dear friend who died in a tragic accident. Words that come to mind when I think if Barbara – calm, professional, genuine, sincere, sweet, clear, supportive, caring and compassionate…
Thank you Barbara for being all those things and so much more.

Jason and Christine

I was so very pleased with the way that everything went yesterday. We really managed to bring very many memories of Jim to the front of our minds and truly appreciate him. I know that he would have been so amazed and so proud. Thank you again for helping me to make this happen.


I can’t thank you enough Barbara for the service you delivered and for the healing you gave to all of us. The time you spent with us recollecting was invaluable in our process. I had almost everyone at the funeral approach us and say it was the most memorable funeral that they have ever attended and I believe much of that is due to you. One relative said that you brought our mom into the room I know that was your intention. Thank you also for encouraging me to share my poetry. It was special to bring that to the family.


Thank you Barb…through your words and wisdom you have made me feel much more comfortable about death.
It is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be the end…our gifts to our children and to our grandchildren continue, as does follow through from great-grandparents, history etc.


Thank you again for the fantastic service and for connecting with Carol so well—as I mentioned, I truly believe you became her voice and it must have been such a gift for her to be involved with someone who understood her, despite her communication challenges. I think most people went away from the service inspired, and Carol would have loved that. I shall read and reread the poem you read by the Bow—the words and images are powerful.

All the best—you captured Carols essence so well,